Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Monday, May 19, 2014

Why I'm Sad?

I'm not sure why I am sad but I'm feeling low. Maybe because I didn't do well in undergrad school or maybe because I didn't do well in my final exams or maybe and the most probable cause is that I didn't do well in my final year project. On the last day when everybody was happy and excited I was sad. It was killing me inside. I couldn't make it up by the end and that's the total failure and I am never so good at bearing failures.
One another thing that's making me sad. I thought that I'd ask her out, at least once, before leaving the town. That was my last chance but again I couldn't gather enough courage to speak up to her. Well now what can I wish? Maybe that she have a bright future ahead and all her dreams come true!? And also I get "another her" when I'll be in a new city for my grad school.
But god knows that I've never had thought of anybody other than her and maybe we'll meet sometimes again in future. For now I'd leave everything to god since the situation is slipping out my hands. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

Last few days left for examination

Maybe the next time I'll be reading this post I'll be graduate or maybe I'll be having my another life in M.Tech.  Life in B.E didn't go well. It's last few days for my final and last examination of B.E degree and I'm as usual not able to concentrate. When I talk to this genius girl I feel like, oh how sincere she is in her studies. I have talked to her only twice this month cause she is busy in her exam preparation even when she already had her all course covered. Maybe in M.Tech I'll do exactly like her. I'll try to be like her. This post will remind me of my mistakes I did in B.E. I'll make a fresh start. For now I'll just let go pass this B.E life as it didn't go well. The only thing that went well was that I'm able to setup a successful business and I'm able to somehow qualify in Gate Examination.  After graduating high school I thought I'd go to IITs but it didn't work out as expected then at the start of B.E I though I'd go IITs for M.Tech, but hmm, no it didn't work out as expected again. Maybe it was just a dream. I gotta wake up now. I hope that the next time I'll be reading it, I would be awake.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I am feeling so low

Today I am not well. Whenever I get that feeling I keep checking facebook, email an other stuffs to pass my time as I can't focus on anything useful :(

Friday, December 6, 2013

Come2chat PageRank droped to PR0

It's a frustrating moment. Come2Chat, my famous site, is now PR0. Inspite of our large number of users and large number of Google +1 we have been pushed to Page Rank 0 category. It's one of the bad things happening with me these days. I am sure it's the result of my hosting provider who moved me to a crap server. Others says that since I don't have a high quality baclinks from high quality website, that is why Google degraded us. After exams I gotta work on it.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Writing Again! :)

My last post was on Nov 2, 2011 and today is Sept 2, 2013. So many days have past and I have not written anything on my blog. Why? Why did i left last time? It's because of Google. Initially my blog was performing well on google search and then when I tried on Nov 3, 2011 it was totally removed. The reason is still unknown. Well, now the google search index doesn't matter to me anymore. The funny memories and the experience which you get after reading your old post worth much more than those silly Google spiders.
On my last post I was preparing for my 3rd semester exams. It's very funny to read that I was studying C programming language. Today I realize that programming languages need not to be learned. You'll eventually learn most of the thing about programming language with time and experience.
I just had recovered from an accidental jaw fracture. Now I have slowly started to take solid food after surviving on fruit juice and milk for about a month. Living on a liquid diet is a disgusting experience and I will not want to get that experience again in my future.
This is the last year in college. Perhaps I am not gonna get a job but a little satisfaction is that I am earning more than those who have job. In future the business will grow more and I'll do much better.  

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tomorrow is College.

Okay, so again. I failed to complete my "C programming" course. Actually now i am realizing that the course is not so small. It's too big and could take a considerable amount of time. I am really really worried now. I am not worried because I failed to complete my course. I am worried because i have to attend college tomorrow. Tomorrow is Thursday and it's a day for Basic Electronics Lab. My Basic Electronics Lab file isn't complete. I would have preferred not to go college in such case but tomorrow is the last date for exam form submission so its must to go college tomorrow.

I am sleepy and I don't think i could stay awake and study now. There is another big danger of viva voice. They said that there will be viva voice for all the subjects and i think most probably it will be held in the labs. If this happens then i am really going to get screwed by my teachers.

Another frustrating thing happening with me is that I am not getting enough reps on x10hosting. I am thinking to create a new account and start from the beginning but as it's a great addiction i can't take any risk now. I have to prepare for my examination. Later after exams I will study php in depth and will start to code real program for web.

I'm gonna quit from the facebook. It sucks my considerable amount of time. I need to focus more or studies and toward my websites. And as this blog is performing very well on Google, I think i could spend some more time writing my stories on here. Later I'll give back links to my original site or would buy a domain for this blog and signup for Google Adsense. I need Google Adsense. I need money.